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Nail Pampering at ProfessioNAIL

I went to a ProfessioNAIL Westfield WestCity branch to pamper my nails with a manicure and spa pedicure. It’s been a long time since I had my nails painted.I was greeted by the receptionist and the first thing she said to me was to choose a nail color on their small cabinet. It took me quite some time until I chose the red one by OPI (didn’t get the name of the color though). She then directed me to another woman who prepared one of the spa chairs for me. I immediately realized I should have worn a pair of sandals instead of boots.

As I sat down on the seat and dipped my feet in the tub below, she asked if it was too hot for me, and I said it’s comfortable enough. After a few minutes, I finally relaxed and didn’t realize it was also a massage chair when things started poking my back. It was so soothing, I closed my eyes to savor it. It feels so luxurious being pampered like that. While getting comfortable in the chair, I was also observing how the second lady cleaned my nails and massaged my feet and thighs. Looks good so far. After she finished painting my toe nails, she got a pair of pink slippers and blue toe separators to let the polish dry as I moved to one of the tables for a manicure. This time it was done by another lady whom I had a nice conversation with.

Overall, I enjoyed my time here having my nails done. I stayed there for a good two hours before I went home.

These are what my nails look like. I love it!


Westfield Westcity branch

7 Catherine Street, Henderson, Auckland

Phone (09) 978 6845

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