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Dining Review: Nickie’s Thai Restaurant – Newmarket, Auckland

My friend Cheryl and I went out for dinner on August 7 in Nickie’s Thai Restaurant, located in 83 Broadway, Newmarket. When we went inside, we were greeted by a guy who was inside this beautiful Thai designed hut near one of the two entrances, and he encouraged us to sit wherever we felt comfortable. We chose a table for two by the window. The interiors were nice, with all the traditional Thai statues and other decoration, although my friend noticed that some of the lights were too dark for her.
As our entrees, we chose Toong Thong, minced chicken and prawns wrapped in wonton pastry, and Squid Rings served with sweet chilli sauce.
Squid Rings (left) and Toong Thong (right)
Toong Thong was very crispy and very well presented on a plate but we were really let down by the Squid Rings. The batter was not crispy at all. The worst part is that my friend saw on the board posted on the kitchen window that the restaurant had Crispy Squid Rings available, the staff just didn’t include it in the menu. We felt cheated by that, but we just consumed them all anyway because we didn’t want to waste any food.
We then moved on to our mains order. We had Lamb Phad King which is stir-fried lamb with fresh ginger, mushrooms and vegetables, and Pla Ma Now which is steamed whole snapper with chopped garlic and lemon juice served in a steamboat with soy sauce and fresh chilli on separate saucers on the side so my friend can have the hot sauce for the fish while I have soy sauce.
Lamb Phad King
Pla Ma Now
The rice came separate from the mains, which I found interesting as other Thai restaurants include rice for every mains order. The Lamb Phad King was good while Pla Ma Now was just average. Although we brought a doggie bag, the total price was a bit expensive and the overall taste of the food was just pretty much average.

Nickie’s Thai Restaurant
34 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland
Phone (09) 520 0015
Official Website
Official Facebook page

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