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Dining Review: 3 Kings Restaurant – Birkenhead, Auckland

My NZ family and I went to 3 Kings Restaurant in Birkenhead on 22 August 2012 to try out some Filipino food. The drive to the restaurant wasn’t that long, about 5 minutes from the motorway, provided you drive after the rush hour.
As we opened the door, it led us to a flight of stairs down to the restaurant. We were greeted by the restaurant’s owners. The interiors were simply white walls but were brightened by very nice lighting fixtures. The chairs were comfortable to sit on and the table was high enough for me.
The wife of the owner handed us a white menu folder and in it were two lists, international and Filipino. I’m impressed by it because of of its unique design. We all immediately flipped to the Filipino menu as we were all keen to try Filipino cuisine.
Prices for the appetizers were a bit expensive though, almost the same or comparable to the mains. Because of this, I was the only one who ordered appetizers, which was Calamares, crispy squid rings in lemon and tartare sauce. It was crispy and nice to eat, not rubbery.
For the mains, I had Beef Bulalo, made of a generous amount of beef shin in a warm broth with green beans, cabbage, spring onions, bok choy, and potatoes. My honey had Fish Curry, pieces of crispy fish fillet drenched in a sauce of curry powder and coconut milk with the freshest and crispiest green and red bell peppers/capsicums and carrots he has ever tasted in a restaurant main. His mother had Chicken Adobo, chicken pieces sauteed in soy sauce and spices with cubed potatoes. His father had Sizzling Seafood.
After the main meals came dessert. My partner ordered Leche Flan, which is creme caramel in English. The leche flan came with four scoops of French vanilla ice cream. Delish!
Leche Flan with French Vanilla Ice Cream
It didn’t take long for us to wait for the appetizer and mains. Rice was ordered separately from the mains. It was the best Filipino restaurant I’ve been to so far in Auckland.

3 Kings Restaurant & Bar
52 Mokoia Road, Birkenhead, Auckland
Phone (09) 480 5100
Official Website

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