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Dinner @ Little India Glen Eden

My NZ family and I went to the new Little India Restaurant in Glen Eden for dinner on 29 August. It was a fairly busy night for the staff, with only few tables left. The restaurant has opened about a week or so ago and there were few customers every time we drive past the restaurant on our way home. But that night was different.

The guy greeted us on our way in and I responded by letting him know about the booking I made hours earlier. Don’t know if last-minute bookings are normally acceptable in restaurants here in Auckland, but I surely appreciate them calling me back to confirm it. He then led us to a table for four and got a waitress to put the menu folders on the table. The restaurant has an extensive array of dishes to cater to everyone’s tastes, and so far has the most number of vegetarian options I’ve ever seen.

We ordered Paneer Tikkas for entrees, described as “homemade Indian cottage cheese marinated in yoghurt and spices, skewered with green pepper and onions and roasted in the tandoor.” For mains we have Murg Mumtaz better known as Butter Chicken for me and Mum, Paneer Shimla Murch for my honey (homemade Indian cottage cheese cooked with capsicum, onions, tomatoes and spices, specially recommended by the restaurant), and Kadai Prawns for Dad (crushed prawns in a thick gravy of tomatoes, onions, cream and fresh coriander) paired with jasmine rice and plain naan. For drinks, there’s Mango Lassi for me, Monsoon organic pilsner for my honey, Kingfisher beer for Mum, and Cobra beer for Dad. Their mango lassi is the very best I’ve tasted, very thick, very creamy, very yummy.

Prices were a little bit higher than those at Chapati. Mum and I reckoned that Chapati’s version of Butter Chicken is more flavourful while Dad and my honey enjoyed their mains.

The general atmosphere is nice, but they could have used the huge space on the ceiling by replacing the current lighting fixtures with much better ones. Being a chain of restaurants, they could have spent more on very nice lighting. They just focused on beautifying the walls of the restaurant. The draping was sort of hurriedly placed there, not elegantly looking. They have a bar, which is a little bit unusual for a family oriented restaurant. Mum noticed a couple of tables on the upper level. My honey thought it was an office, but she reckoned it looked like there were more tables. The problem was I couldn’t figure out where the stairs to the upper floor were located. The one good thing I can say though are their toilets. Two clear glass doors lead into the main hallway of the toilets, which was very interesting. A massive mirror with very intricate carving on its frame covered by silver coating hung on a wall, it looked like it was an antique thing. The wall tiles were big in size as well, and they look like crocodile’s skin on leather.

Overall, this is a nice restaurant to go to with family and friends. Until next time!

Little India Glen Eden

142 West Coast Road, Glen Eden

Phone (09) 818 2526

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