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The Very Best Umbrella In the World

I would like to introduce you to an undeniably THE VERY BEST UMBRELLA IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.
The name … is BLUNT.
Why the name BLUNT?
The tips of this very unique umbrella are unlike anything I’ve seen before. They are just part of this thing the company calls Radial Tensioning System that makes Blunt withstand the most demanding weather conditions, as is the case in New Zealand. The best part is that it’s designed by Kiwi men. I’m so lucky to have found the best umbrella on this side of the world.
The one I bought is called Blunt Mini+ with yellow colored frame and handle. It’s a stick umbrella with a sleeve that has a drain hole at the tip, mesh side vents, and an adjustable strap so you can sling it over your shoulder. It also features 3M Scotchlite™ Safety Canopy. I bought this from the Auckland Museum shop many months ago and I’m immediately impressed the moment I saw a few different sizes of umbrellas shown to me by a shop representative. I chose this simply because there was no collapsible umbrella of the same brand available during that time.
The real test for the brolly came right after I bought it. I wanted to go to the Grafton train station to ride a train back home but when I was about to exit the building, rain poured, so hard that I thought it was very good timing. I walked all the way from Auckland Domain to the train station using this umbrella. Although part of my coat got wet (considering the 970 mm / 38” in diameter and 585 cm² / 91 in² in coverage was quite lacking for me) and it was a bit windy, I’m still impressed by how sturdy yet light the brolly was.
Many reviews for Blunt are positive, with the Wall Street Journal saying that “structurally, the Blunt falls somewhere between suspension bridge and NASA space probe.” Blunt is THAT cool.
I have to admit, I have owned and destroyed countless numbers of brollies (short Kiwi word for umbrellas), not because of my own fault but because they simply cannot withstand the winds. There was one brolly that I last used before I came here to New Zealand, and that was the second best for me because it was made differently. But it doesn’t come close to my Blunt brolly.
Now, about the price. It’s much more expensive than the regular ones. However, if you use it all the time, it’s worth spending your money even for just one Blunt umbrella. Trust me, it’s worth it. Very much so that I am bringing it with me every day to work, rain or shine. New Zealand has long been known to have a hole in the ozone layer. The heat here is stinging, and after a long time without sun protection, you can feel it seep through your body. Kiwis love to expose their skin to the sun all the time because it can get cold and rainy for many months here. However, because of this, many of them suffer from skin cancer. So it makes sense to wear sunblock, wear a hat or bring a brolly.
Blunt recently announced they will start selling collapsible umbrellas named XS_ Metro in November 2012, in black, grey, blue, red, yellow, and pink. I am so excited, I can’t wait to get one and put it inside my bag to give my hands freedom and a rest from carrying so many stuff.
Blunt is available to purchase online in its official website as well as selected stockists all over the world.
BLUNT umbrellas, one worth investing. Buy one for yourself and stand out from the crowd.
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