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Auckland Seafood Festival 2013

I super love seafood, so as soon as I knew that Auckland will play host to the annual festival, I bought myself a ticket right away online.


I went to the Halsey Wharf, Wynyard Quarter on the last of the three-day event (28 January). When I arrived, I got hungry just in time and thought of eating as much food as my tummy can handle.


As I’ve already eaten crayfish the day before in the Great Barrier Island, all thanks to a good friend, I decided to look for whitebait fritters first. And here it was, with two pieces of bread and lemon slice with a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce for NZ$10, courtesy of M & L’s Food for Pleasure (Phone +64 21 450 945). I was a bit disappointed actually, because I was expecting a yummy one. But the sweet chilli sauce made it a bit better.






I saw this Big Little City gate signage at the event. Looks so cool, I decided to take a photo.






Next was from John Oyagawa Catering. I had coconut prawns with sweet chilli and ginger dipping sauce for NZ$6. Yum!






I also had seared scallops wrapped in bacon, garlic, and coriander, with sweet chilli and ginger dipping, also for NZ$6. Yum yum!


Cafe O by John Oyagawa Catering


Aston Building, 34/332 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland


Phone +64 9 360 1852






I then had a taste of Sovrano Limoncello and Limoncello Cream Liqueur, courtesy of Kerikeri-based Villa Italia. I’m loving the taste so much, I might get one bottle to share with family and friends soon.


Sovrano Limoncello


37 Kingfisher Drive, Kerikeri 0294


Phone +64 9 407 8880






Next is BBQ scampi with garlic yoghurt sauce for NZ$10. First time having scampi, and I’m impressed. Very yummy!






There were performances at the Soundshell. My favorite one is the Balzats. The Balzats are made up of the entire family of nine from Dairy Flat, Auckland. They perform their own original music using a combination of violins, cello, flute, guitars, keyboard and percussion. Irish music came to my mind the moment I heard them perform. Their music is indeed lively, I stayed for a few minutes.


A website worth looking at to check their gig schedules and buy CDs and DVDs,






Saw this guy selling tasty brownies courtesy of Real Good Co.


Tyler Kent


Real Good Co.


Mobile phone: +64 22 108 0657








I also had Macadamia Garlic Butter Scallops for NZ$10.


Cathedral Cove Macadamias 






For dessert, I had my favorite ice cream brand Killinchy Gold in Boysenberry Cheesecake and Maple Syrup & Walnut flavors, for NZ$3 each.






At the same table where I took photos of the ice cream were two primary school teachers I just met. I decided to ask them if I can have a seat since all the tables were taken. It was their first time visiting the festival. They came to try the crayfish, and they indeed had half a crayfish for NZ$30. We started chatting about how they love their jobs and how I love writing.


Overall, it was a good event, and I had a very full tummy. I’m looking forward to trying out other seafood dishes next year. 🙂


Auckland Seafood Festival

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