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Tasting Night @ The Pasta Shop, Takapuna

Instead of the usual Wednesday dinner nights with my NZ family, I decided to do something different on 24 July, which is to go for a tasting at The Pasta Shop in Takapuna with the Social Girls Auckland Meetup group.  

We were greeted by the owner Michelle and chef Robert with many options of Stables wines. I initially wanted to have Pinot Gris, but they didn’t have one so Michelle suggested Sauvignon Blanc. Wow, the wine was really nice. 

Michelle then gathered all of us, introduced how the company started, and then demonstrated how they made their fresh pastas. 


As we waited for the tasting to begin, I went to the glass counter and took pictures of some of their products on display there. They have fresh pastas in different wonderful flavors as well as ready made pasta meals for takeaway.







And now, the tasting of a few meals they have.

Fettucine with Mother Tomato Sauce


Classic Lasagna with Mince and Cheese


Smoked Salmon Lasagna (left), Chicken and Sage Lasagna (right)


Calvo Ricotta Ravioli with Arrabbita Sauce


Aubergine Aioli Ravioli


Everything is yum, yum, yum! This is the first time I’ve tried fresh pasta dishes and they are all delicious. Someone from the group asked me what’s my favorite dish, and I answered, “That’s a very good question. Because they are all delicious, I can’t think of any one particular dish I like the most.” Because of that, a few of the ladies in the group actually bought some fresh pastas and meals to take home.

If you haven’t tried fresh pasta ever, go see this pasta place. I’m sure you will love it!



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My name is Charica Roche, a writer, food lover, adventure seeker, color addict, and curious-driven person who truly believes in personal and spiritual growth. Writing helps me become a better person because it makes me feel grounded and it encourages me to be honest about things. Currently based in New Zealand, I'm constantly searching for and following my curiosities through books, art, music, dancing, and other aspects of a life well-lived through my own terms.

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