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RECIPE: Miso Noodle Soup with Dumplings


I made this noodle soup meal for breakfast today. This can also be done for lunch or dinner.

miso paste
bonito or dashi granules
1 bokchoy, chopped
one serving of dried ramen noodles
fresh or frozen wonton or dumplings (about 5 pieces per serving)

Put the dried noodles, wonton or dumplings, and chopped bokchoy in a small pot and add boiling water from the kettle.

Let it cook for 5 minutes in medium to high heat, until soft and ready to eat.

Put the miso paste and dashi granules, add a little bit of hot water to mix them together. You can then put the cooked ingredients in. It’s up to you whether to include all or part of the water used to cook the dumplings, noodles, and bokchoy.

You can add corn, few slices of seaweed, or one or two slices of boiled egg. Serve immediately.

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My name is Charica Roche, a writer, food lover, adventure seeker, color addict, and curious-driven person who truly believes in personal and spiritual growth. Writing helps me become a better person because it makes me feel grounded and it encourages me to be honest about things. Currently based in New Zealand, I'm constantly searching for and following my curiosities through books, art, music, dancing, and other aspects of a life well-lived through my own terms.

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