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La Rosa Italian Restaurant – Glen Eden, Auckland

I love this Italian restaurant, my partner’s family and I have dined here a few times already. Their food is always delicious, and the place is almost always packed. Good thing that when we came on the 19th of February, there’s still one more table free for us.
Dad and I ordered the same dish, which was Pasta Pirata, but instead of having the homemade black pasta, I chose spaghetti for mine and gluten-free spaghetti for Dad’s. It has prawns, calamari, queen scallops, and cherry tomato in a creamy saffron sauce. Yum! I love it! Would have wanted to bring the rest it home with me, but decided to consume it all as it may not taste the same the next day.

Mum, on the other hand, ordered Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli in a homemade Lamb Ragu sauce.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind coming here again. Bon appetit!
Location: 1/16 Captain Scott Rd, Glen Eden 0602, Auckland

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