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A Delectable Italian Feast of Pizza and Gelato

On 1 March, my honey and I went to the city to watch the movie “The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug.” But before that, we headed to the That’s Amore Italian Restaurant for a pizza.
First of all, they have very good customer service because while we were walking towards the restaurant, a man called to ask about where we were. I told him that we were on our way. When we arrived, the guy was so friendly, he made us feel at home.
Although the size of the place is more typical of a cafe than restaurant, the decor makes up for the size.
There’s heaps of small picture frames that adorn the walls. From the biggest picture wall of pizzas, which is the most I’ve ever seen in a restaurant to different sports and entertainment personalities.
There’s also a cage-shapped mirror and a very beautiful lamp near our table.
What my honey and I had for dinner was Vegetariana pizza, which has tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, onion, capsicum, zucchini, and asparagus.
 Our drinks
Arranciata Rossa Blood Orange drink from San Pellegrino for me
Birra Moretti Italian Beer for him
The good thing is that this restaurant accepts Entertainment Book voucher for 25% off the total bill. Good deal.
After dinner, we then went to Giapo Gelato in 279 Queen Street, next to the Civic Centre for some good gelato. From the moment we went in one of the two entrances, my honey saw a woman making macarons and excitedly tapped me to have a look. When I strained to raise my heels as the wall between me and the woman in the kitchen was a bit too high for my height, she said “Would you like some macarons?” We were like, “Really?” “Yes,” she said. So we got one each, and once on our mouths, it was so divine. So soft, a bit chewy, but just right.
On to the gelato. Heaps of choices, I must say, and a bit overwhelmed too. Had to take a few seconds to decide as there was no taste testing. What’s more amazing, the labels were done with blocks of chocolate with icing.
Above the glass showcase, I saw what they called designer cones. Really awesome to look at. I reckoned it’s much better to put them on display instead of eating them, they are just too good to eat.
Here’s our ice cream: Banoffee Pie (bottom), Kiss Kiss (middle), chocolate cream/icing, and chocolate macaron. Lovely!
Here are the websites for more info.
Giapo Haute Ice Cream:

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