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Saving the Coins

I can’t believe how saving the coins can be exciting and fun. Whether you are fond of saving or are thinking of ways to save, then this is for you.

Years ago, the piggy bank or money box was the cool thing to do to save those coins. It still is now, especially for teaching kids how to save. When I was young, I had this huge piggy bank that I had to be careful carrying it, otherwise it would break when accidentally released. Sadly, that piggy bank is not there anymore as we broke it. Forgot where that money went though, whether deposited in a bank account or already spent.

Well, these days kids can get small money boxes from banks here in New Zealand for free. Also can be bought from a store for a reasonable amount if your local bank doesn’t have one.

For grown-ups, there’s Internet banking. And it is here where I first experienced and found it amazing how it can be so easy to save, provided you have various online bank accounts in one bank. What I do is, every time I buy something, I immediately open the bank app on my mobile phone, check the balance of the account I used for that purchase, and then immediately transfer the cents to another account.

Have you ever heard of the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” This is an advice usually made when investing, but this also applies in banking and saving by having different accounts for different purposes. Could be anything and a combination of groceries, shopping, utilities/bills, holidays/vacations, building a minimum term deposit amount, emergency fund. These days, almost anything can be paid through Internet or online banking, including salaries and wages, and saves the hassle of paying credit card fees and having to physically go to the bank and deposit money, which was what I used to do back home.

Some people still do the old-fashioned way by putting specific amounts in different jars, but I find it so much easier to use the mobile banking app on my phone. Although there are banks that offer automatic transfer of money when an amount is set prior, I am doing it every time I buy anything, whether food, clothing, or paying someone online.

What I do generally is that when payday comes, I set aside money for tithes and then deposit a certain amount of money into my savings accounts. What’s left is be used to pay for bills and everyday expenses. Then a few days before payday comes, I transfer whatever’s left of my everyday transactional accounts into my savings accounts. That way, the savings amounts increase.

I have a money jar where sometimes my partner puts coins in. There are times I use those coins specially in a few stores where they only accept notes and change. Most times I go to the bank and deposit them onto a machine. Talk about old-fashioned, but hey it still works.

Whatever floats your boat, make saving money easy and fun for yourself or your family.
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My name is Charica Roche, a writer, food lover, adventure seeker, color addict, and curious-driven person who truly believes in personal and spiritual growth. Writing helps me become a better person because it makes me feel grounded and it encourages me to be honest about things. Currently based in New Zealand, I'm constantly searching for and following my curiosities through books, art, music, dancing, and other aspects of a life well-lived through my own terms.

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