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You’re Fired, Procrastination and Fear!

I used to procrastinate and cower in fear. All the time. Even now, I am sometimes hemming and hawing on making a decision, especially when it involves money, parting money to get something. Procrastinate as to whether or not it’s worth taking action on something I’m curious about. Whether something major would come out of it.

The origins of procrastination and fear stemmed from the environment of always playing it safe, of not committing mistakes, of doing what everyone else is doing simply because they thought this would make me happy. So I tried to do what most people do, what most people define as normal: get a course that my parents almost recommended but not really (they wanted me to go into accounting but instead I chose business management) get a good full-time job, save money. By doing this, I usually end my day by watching TV (click for a related article on watching TV).

Let me tell you what it has cost me: years and years of frustration, disappointment, anger, mostly at myself for not knowing better earlier. Or maybe knowing but being fearful of fighting for my right to be free because of not knowing better earlier. Years of wanting to fill my life with stuff that I may not actually need and that made me more unhappy.

However, as soon as I know better, I strive to conquer my fears, one at a time or as many as I can handle.
When procrastination and fear come trying to take hold of my mind and try to sabotage my decision making capabilities, this is one of the many conversations I make with myself (in my private time, that is). Or what my Higher, Wiser Self would say:
“Look Charica, I understand your fears about parting money in exchange for doing things you like to do and that make you happy. I do understand that. But please for a change, be kind to yourself, stop over-analyzing and worrying about the outcome of this decision. It’s totally okay to do something you really love, even the Bible encourages believers to do things according to their talents and abilities. Maybe you haven’t put your full faith and trust in God that everything will really work out okay. You know what, God, the Universe, your own angels, guides, intuition and the Holy Spirit are all near and ready to help you. Eventually, your work will speak for itself and many people will be drawn to you and your work, and your real stories will resonate with so many around the world.”
So the major decisions I have made so far are:
1.) Pursued acting in my 20s by doing community theatre through Repertory of Young Professionals in Theater (RYPIT) and short films through the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT) in Cebu.
2.) Went to Boracay for a few months in my mid-20s to learn how to be financially and emotionally independent from my parents, despite their grave disapproval of my decision and wanting me to refund the money I paid for the plane tickets.
3.) Wrote articles in a few newspapers and magazines after working in Boracay, and got paid for each of them.
4.) Came to New Zealand, despite only knowing my honey for only a few months.
5.) Got a talent agent for acting related work.
6.) Started a blog in 2012, and still regularly writing it.

7.) Enrolled in various workshops and programs, whether in a classroom or through online downloads.

If you are in the same mind-boggling, time-consuming situation of having to make a decision, I am not asking you to do it impulsively. If you are not ready to quit your current job yet, you can do all the research you need during your free time, you can attend free workshops or do a one-day workshop with a small fee. Simply do a road test on the decision, the same way as road testing a car simply by doing it. If you still feel excited and curious after the event or activity, then go for it. If you are overwhelmed with having to do many things on the to-do list, just do one or few at a time. Once you start comfortable doing even just one decision, then you can adjust to doing two, three, four, and so on.

Now, I am excited to achieve more goals and make more dreams come true. So now Procrastination and Fear, you’re totally fired!!!!
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My name is Charica Roche, a writer, food lover, adventure seeker, color addict, and curious-driven person who truly believes in personal and spiritual growth. Writing helps me become a better person because it makes me feel grounded and it encourages me to be honest about things. Currently based in New Zealand, I'm constantly searching for and following my curiosities through books, art, music, dancing, and other aspects of a life well-lived through my own terms.

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