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Would You Believe The Bible Does Say That Money is the Answer to Everything?

I read this verse in the Bible maybe a few years ago. But I only realized the true meaning of it recently. Don’t believe me? Here’s the evidence, in different Bible versions.Ecclesiastes 10:19

“A feast is made for laughter, wine makes life merry, and money is the answer for everything.” – NIV

“Laughter and bread go together, And wine gives sparkle to life — But it’s money that makes the world go around.” – The Message Bible

“[Instead of repairing the breaches, the officials] make a feast for laughter, serve wine to cheer life, and [depend on tax] money to answer for all of it.” – Amplified Bible

Men prepare a meal for enjoyment, and wine makes life merry, and money is the answer to everything.” – NASB

“”Bread is made for laughter, and wine gladdens life, and money answers everything.” – ESV

Whether you are aware of it or not, like it or not, money does indeed makes the world go around. Think about how many decisions you make in a day that revolve around whether to spend money or keep it. This may seem uncomfortable to talk about, but as we live in a modern world where we make decisions every day, whether big or small, and how limited the formal education really is about money and finances, isn’t it time to think about your finances and budgeting once and for all?

Do you need to get gas or petrol to fill up your car today?
Do you need to put money into your bus or train card to go to work or school?
Are there any workshops, seminars, classes that you’d like to attend to learn more skills?

Is there someone you know asking for help and that he or she would like to borrow money from you?

Do you have enough money to pay your bills?
Do you have more than enough money to support yourself on a daily basis?
Are you constantly struggling to make your ends meet?
Are you constantly delaying in making decisions because of a lack of money?
Does a lack of money make you feel stressed, frustrated, maybe angry?
Do you have fights with your husband, wife, partner, or mate about money?
Do you like to take vacations? Do you have enough or more than enough for your trip?
Isn’t it interesting how these and many other questions can be about whether you need to spend money or keep it. Also how interesting that the education system in general don’t teach kids about money. That we have to wait until college or university to learn about it, and only when it’s related to accounting, business, finance courses or degrees.
There are other Biblical scriptures about money, but some of them are quite contradictory and is not the focus of this blog article. Very interesting indeed that a short sentence carries much bigger weight than the other scriptures about money and finance, at least for me.

If only the Catholic Church discussed this up in one of the Sunday masses, people would be in a much better place about money. I mean, the difference between Christian and Catholic churches is the idea that God wants us to be prosperous, happy, and spiritual at the same time. There are many people in the Bible who are rich and prosperous, yet they pray to God and acknowledge Him for giving them the ability to become wealthy. Notable people in the Bible include Abraham, David, Solomon, Job.

I am aware though of other Biblical scriptures that warn against worshiping money and making money our sole focus in our lives instead of focusing our eyes on God, the Universe, or a Higher Power. Because the fact is, money is actually merely a tool invented primarily to replace barter as a way of exchanging goods in the old days. Many people will say that money is good or bad, but actually it’s us people who put meaning and emotion into money. It is neither good nor bad. What we really are on the inside will be magnified when it comes to handling, keeping, saving, spending, investing money. It’s in our intentions behind money that will determine whether our intentions and actions are good or bad.

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