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A Taste of Ramen Heaven at Ramen Do

I was craving for a nice hot bowl of ramen noodles for a long time. My initial frustration was that although there are many Japanese restaurants, not all of them offer ramen and it’s only recently I realized that each Japanese restaurant has a specialty.

Although I have tried other noodle places, none of them satisfied my desires until I came to know Ramen Do, thanks to many good reviews in Google.

It’s a cafe size Japanese restaurant located in 167 Symonds Street, Auckland. I went in just as they opened at 11am, and took a few pics for you to see what it looks like on the inside.

Just few minutes after taking the photos, it suddenly became full of customers. This indeed confirms how popular this place is for ramen noodles.

All of the waitresses were very friendly and attentive, and one of them handed me the restaurant’s menu. I’ll show you pictures of what’s inside the menu so you have an idea what they offer.

Out of the items mentioned, I chose the Hokkaido Miso Ramen with extra 2 BBQ pork and 1 pork belly pieces for NZ$15.

When a waitress placed the steaming bowl noodles in front of me, wow I was impressed! Heaps of veggies, nori or seaweed, big pieces of pork, generous amount of noodles, a soft-simmered egg, naruto or fish cake, all in a big bowl.

Now here’s how to eat ramen properly, as I learned from a representative of the Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum in Japan. I saw this in a Super Japan episode named Ramenomania shown on Discovery Channel, and he said to slurp the noodles. That’s right, slurp the noodles. There’s even a technique on slurping, as shown in this episode of the Rahaku TV section of the museum’s website. Very interesting how foreigners and Japanese view slurping differently. Westerners view it an insult to slurp, the Japanese on the other hand view slurping as a sign of appreciation for the food. Also, it helps cool the ramen, which I didn’t think of it before until I saw this episode.

This is one of those dishes where you can’t bring a doggie bag home, as it would really taste different the next day when reheating it. So I have to consume all of it, even though I can feel my tummy is super full.

I had a look at the restaurant’s official websiteFacebook and Localist NZ pages and it’s very good to know that they make everything fresh on the day, including the ramen noodles and pork bone soup. It’s reported that pork bone soup and miso has many benefits. Just Google search these terms and you will see what I mean.

I will definitely come back for another ramen dish, which is perfect for autumn and winter here in New Zealand.

Even though Ramen Do can only be found here in Auckland, why don’t you try having a ramen noodle dish wherever you are in the world?

Ramen Do
Locations: 167 Symonds Street and 6 Durham Street East, Auckland


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