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BurgerFuel is Awesome!

My honey decided for tonight’s dinner that we go out to BurgerFuel. One of their many outlets is located in 4/155 Lincoln Road, Henderson. We have gone there a few times together over the past three years, and it’s my partner’s favorite burger place.

Tonight I had Peanut Piston (for NZ$9.90), which has 1/3 pound of 100% pure NZ grass fed beef patty with peanut satay sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion, relish, and fresh natural aioli. My honey had Bio Fuel (for NZ$10.50), which had the same sized beef patty with free range egg, beetroot, same vegetable toppings as my burger, also with relish and aioli. Although he is mostly into vegetarian food, sometimes he would order meat based dishes when necessary.

While waiting for our orders, I had a look at the receipt he placed on the table, and I was shocked to see that it had Order #900 on it. I said to him, “Gosh, that seems unbelievable that our order was the 900th one for that store alone. And he said that it’s possible considering that people are willing to pay a higher price for an awesome burger. Also, Kiwis here have a thing for promoting local businesses
I initially insisted on taking the photos, but since we were both hungry, I am instead showing the pics from the website

And I can tell you, these burgers are bloody good! They look the same in real life as in the photos. They are labeled as gourmet burgers, thus a higher price than most burgers offered at much more popular fast food places. But you know what, any of their burgers is worth having for lunch or dinner. The beef patty has no fillers mixed on them, and although it falls apart at some point while eating it, I would prefer that than having meat fillers mixed in that may not be good for you.

BurgerFuel caters to both meat lovers and vegetarians. I also like that their side options of fries made from either potatoes or kumara (sweet potato) is that each piece is thick.

What’s so cool about this company is that they have their own TV channel only available inside BurgerFuel outlets where you can see staff picks of stunts by motorbike riders, cartoon or paper skits  about any topic, interspersed with each menu item available for purchase. It even has its own radio station!
I will definitely not be surprised if the owner would want to take his business in many more overseas markets, as it is now available in the following places, at the moment.
Sydney in Australia
Dubai and Abu Dhabi in UAE
Riyadh and Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia
Sulaymaniyah Region in Iraq

It is rumored that BurgerFuel will be coming to conquer Egypt and Kuwait. So if you are currently living and working in any of the places above, why don’t you visit this link to find your nearest BurgerFuel stop and try having a gourmet burger for a change? BurgerFuel is simply awesome!

Otherwise, if BurgerFuel is not yet available in your neck of the woods, then it may be a good idea to have a local burger you like, especially one that offer all natural ingredients and no fillers.

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