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Genzui Ramen Bar – Elliott Street, Auckland

I had visited this restaurant a few weeks ago upon my partner’s recommendation, as he saw heaps of people having their ramen noodles for lunch. And also my colleague in the same department I work in said their donburi is delicious, cheap, and comes in big servings. So in my ongoing quest to find good restaurants, last Friday 16 May, another work colleague and I went to Genzui for dinner after work.
The restaurant is located beside the lobby of Crowne Plaza Hotel in 128 Albert Street, Auckland. Although the place is small, it is always packed.
I chose the Miso Ramen while my friend had two bowls of salad. His salads arrived first, while I waited for a few minutes because it does take time for everything to be put together, but it’s really worth the wait, I tell you.
Now compared to Ramen Do’s miso ramen noodles dish, I like Genzui’s much better. The miso used may be different, but I really like it much better. And their salads are really generous.
Aside from miso ramen, they also have different types of soya based and other types of ramen. Donburi, gyoza, and other vegetarian meals are also available. Although I didn’t take pictures of the menu, why don’t you try Genzui’s for a change? I truly believe you’ll love it as much as I do.
If you are not in Auckland, however, have a look at what Japanese restaurants you have in your location and what do they offer that you may like to try. Each Japanese restaurant has a specialty, it’s either sushi or ramen. Everything else (donburi, salads, gyoza, bento boxes, and other menu items) will be shown in the menu anyway.
Genzui Ramen Bar and Restaurant
Inside Crowne Plaza Hotel
128 Albert Street, Auckland

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