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Is There Anybody Out There by A Great Big World

There are a few songs in your lifetime where that feeling seems indescribable, making you happy or sad depending on the song’s message. Goosebumps, that electricity feeling inside you, your heart squeezing. That’s what I felt the very first time I heard the song “Say Something” through YouTube, performed by A Great Big World (composed of Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino) featuring Christina Aguilera.

Gosh, it made me cry lots, no kidding. The piano and violin used to convey the song’s message made it very organic and authentic to the writers’ feelings when they first wrote it after their respective breakups. The actors playing various roles (a man and woman in bed not communicating with each other, an old man kissing his wife goodbye in a hospital bed, and a girl dealing with her parents quarreling) made the song much more appealing to everyone. Add in Christina Aguilera’s vocals and — boom! — immediately the song rose to the top of two iTunes music charts and eventually peaked at number four on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

This video I have replayed on my computer so many times I decided to get a copy of the album Is There Anybody Out There?. It’s been a while since I heard songs played on a piano, and listening to this album made me realize what I’m missing. The organic and authentic nature of the piano as the base music, wow, I don’t know but that’s how I felt.

Now the following is what you’ll expect from the album:

1.) It seems that everyone would want to be a “Rockstar” as the first song in the album suggests. Why not? Some people look up to them and always wants to know what their favorite celebrities are up to.

2.) “Land of Opportunity” is about going for a better life in a new place after a breakup.

3.) The message on “Already Home” is that love is worth keeping and fighting for despite the physical distance between two lovers.

4.) The importance of looking into yourself first before yearning for love from another person so you can say “I Really Want It.”

5.) The group’s version of “Say Something.” Now I must say something here: I would have wanted Chad Vaccarino to sing this solo version while Ian can do the other version with Christina Aguilera, as I love Chad’s voice, the continuity of it when he sings.

6.) A very uplifting message, “You’ll Be Okay” is a must-hear or must-listen song for those experiencing the pain of a breakup or loss.

7.) “Everyone Is Gay” is about not being afraid of who you really are, whether you are gay or straight.

8.) “There Is An Answer,” and that answer is love.

9.) Even when things come to an end between two lovers, “I Don’t Wanna Love Somebody Else.”

10.) “This Is The New Year” to give love and self-acceptance a chance.

11.) “Shorty Don’t Wait in Line” until your life feels better.

12.) A cheeky song, “Cheer Up!” reminds us that what we experience would not be as great as you initially thought when viewed from the universe.

13.) “Say Something” featuring Christina Aguilera. A much better version to show both sides of a love story.Surprisingly, I felt positive vibrations after listening a few times to all the songs. Even when there were a few songs about breakups and moving on, it is mixed with positive messages of confidence and celebration of life.

Interested in getting a copy? Then click the links below.
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