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Hush Puppies Ceil Slip On Shoes

I was looking for a pair of shoes that’s easy to wear, comfortable, and hopefully will last a long time to use every day. The interesting thing is that I have small feet while Kiwis or New Zealanders have big size feet. And so this proves a challenge for me to find a perfect shoe.

I came across this pair in Hush Puppies when months ago I saw an in-store signage saying that some shoes were on sale.

Hush Puppies Ceil slip on shoes (my own photo)

I haven’t bought Hush Puppies before because it’s usually expensive in the Philippines, but I thought to check it out as I’ve heard good things from customers. This particular style of shoe stood our for me because of the elastic fit feature. To give you an idea, size 36 is the smallest size here in New Zealand, and even that size is too big for my feet as most sizes focus on the length of one’s foot. The size of this Ceil Slip On shoes is 5W, which means 5 for women. I initially thought 5 Width. 🙂

I have worn these for many months now, and I absolutely love it! The elastic band makes these shoes really fit my feet. This type of shoe is really comfortable to wear.

I also bought what I call the essential kit for making the leather shoes last longer, and they are of course from Hush Puppies. I think the labels speak for themselves.

Essential Kit for Leather Shoes (my own photo)

The best thing about Hush Puppies, in New Zealand at least, is that they are reasonably priced and they offer options in both their stand-alone stores and in Hannahs, which sells lots of other shoe brands. These stores have different promotions sometimes, so it’s great to have a look.

Also, I can say with confidence the product knowledge of the store assistants are awesome, I can honestly recommend for you to try having a few pairs of shoes from them.

For NZ-based customers, go to for more info.
For those outside New Zealand, get yourself a pair through this link.


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