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Revive Cafe’s Homemade Muesli or Granola

Ever since I moved here to New Zealand, I am trying to adapt to the way they do things here and the food they eat. I wasn’t really a fan of muesli/granola because being a Filipino, I’m used to having rice with anything three times a day. But after experiencing some difficulty cooking rice all the time, I started eating muesli, initially buying those ready-made brands in the supermarket. But when I found this recipe from one of the vegetarian cafes here in Auckland, I thought I should give it a try.

As of this writing, this may have been the third time I’m making this recipe. And every time I have added different ingredients to it, so this time is no different.

Muesli/granola Recipe from The Revive Cafe Cookbook (my own photo)



Note: I didn’t use all the nuts mentioned below, but feel free to use any combination of it.

• 1 cup rolled oats whole

• 1 cup rolled oats fine

• ½ cup shredded coconut

• 3 Tbsp Sesame seeds

• 3 Tbsp Sliced almonds

• 3 Tbsp Cashew nut pieces

• 3 Tbsp Sunflower seeds

• 3 Tbsp macadamia nuts

• 4 Tbsp liquid honey or date puree

• 4 Tbsp oil

• ¼ cup sultanas

Optional: ½ cup other dried fruit of your choice

– dates

– cranberries

– apricots

– mangoes

– raisins

Another Note: I highly recommend using date puree because it’s quick and easy to make, much cheaper to make than buying honey all the time (however, if the price of honey in your location is cheaper, then by all means you can use it). To make date puree, put two cups of pitted dates in a bowl and two cups of boiling water. Soak it for at least 10 minutes, then blitz them all in a blender. Remove any seeds or dates that have not fully crushed into the mixture, put the mixture in a jar, and cool completely before placing in the fridge.


1. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl. Include the sultanas but leave the other dried fruit separately in a bowl. The reason I add sultanas in this first step is because the flavour is a bit strong for me, and I found that in most cases sultanas is used in baking.

2. Separately mix honey or date puree and oil well. Pour over dry ingredients and mix well. I always add a little bit more date puree than what’s required, so you can do the same if needed.

3. Place muesli on a large baking tray, with or without the baking paper. I find it easier to put baking paper on the tray so it’s easier to remove it once cooled.

4. Bake at 150°C (300°F) for 20 minutes or until golden. Stir the mixture halfway through so it cooks evenly.

5. Let it cool on the bench and then add other dried fruits of your choice.

According to the Revive Cafe cookbook, this will store in an airtight container in your pantry for several months. Mine will only be stored for several days as I eat it all the time.

The author uses a mixture of finely cut oats and whole oats for a more interesting texture. However you can use either if you do not have both.

The original recipe is courtesy of Revive Cafe in Auckland. They have delicious meals available for lunch everyday whether visiting their cafe or ordering online. They also sell cookbooks through their official website.

If you are not living in New Zealand, however, click on the links below for more information on how to grab your own copies of their three cookbooks.

The Revive Cafe Cookbook 1
The Revive Cafe Cookbook 2
The Revive Cafe Cookbook 3

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