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Bastille Celebration at L’Assiette French Cafe, Auckland

My friend Ryan suggested this lovely French cafe when we met up last Sunday 13 July for lunch. I initially wanted to go to Wynyard Quarter for some seafood, but when I saw the lovely and colorful macaroons displayed on the counter and when my friend insisted on staying there, I gave in. Why not try French cuisine for a change?

We hanged around at the counter for longer than expected to check out the menu, and so when we finally sat down at one of the lovely tables nearest the board, my friend asked the cafe assistant if he could take a picture of us with the background. She happily obliged. She took a few photos before we both decided on this take.

I have had omelettes at home for lunch or dinner, but have not yet tried one in a cafe. So I chose Omelette de L’Assiette, which has ham, slices of potatoes, and emmental cheese, with salad on the side. I also had coconut water for a drink, the brand was C Coconut Water if you’re curious (not shown in photo I’m afraid). I miss coconut water so much, I order it whenever I can.

Ryan had a bowl of Fresh Fruit with Greek yoghurt and honey with Cranberry Tea for drink. A big bonus for him was a piece of Hershey’s Kisses included with the tea. I admitted to him I liked Hershey’s Kisses. He wanted to give it to me, but I insisted he have it.

He commented later during the meal that he liked the idea of using Greek yoghurt with honey on the fruit as most use cream, which is not healthy. Damn, didn’t get the picture of the meal he had. Next time we go somewhere, I will ask him if I can take pics of his meal.

He then suggested I try the tea for myself, the taste of which is interesting since I am only used to English breakfast, green tea, and chamomile tea so far. But I kinda liked it actually and will order it someday.

After having our meals, we each had a macaroon. Initially he wanted Salted Caramel while Pistachio one for me. However, it was sold out way before we came in, so he chose the Chocolate one while I chose Passionfruit.

I noticed he had a nice necklace on with the famous Eiffel Tower as the pendant. He revealed to me it used to be a key chain but decided to make it as a pendant, which I thought was the best idea.

The same lovely cafe assistants attended to our orders very well, and so decided to ask her how to pronounce chocolate eclair ‘coz I experienced a French bakery assistant being rude to me and my partner when I wanted to buy one from the bakery in Dominion Road, Mt. Eden. She then said, eclair au chocolat. I repeated, then she said, “That’s it. You pronounced it very well.” Now next time, I know what to say to avoid being embarrassed.

Overall, the ambiance was really informal yet inviting, the food was great, the French staff really helpful and patient, and we had great conversations. It’s really awesome also to have a friend with me for lunch or dinner for a change.

Until next time, Bon Appetit!

For more info on menus and cafe hours,

Official website of L’Assiette
L’Assiette’s Official Facebook Page

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