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Mae Nam Khong Thai Restaurant (formerly Mekong Neua II) – New Lynn, Auckland

Update (August 2014): The restaurant’s name is now changed to avoid confusion for Mekong Neua customers of Kingsland. The post below was originally published around 2013.

My NZ family is a big fan of Mekong Neua II in New Lynn for years. The first time I came here was to celebrate the birthday of my Dad’s brother Tony. I loved the food here and I’m sure they didn’t disappoint on this second visit.

Our table setting

We skipped the entrees this time and chose the mains. Pla Tod for me, which was a big piece of deep fried whole snapper with your choice of 5 sauces. I chose the sweet and sour. For drinks, I had the Bright Coconut Juice, which is good but didn’t capture the true taste of coconut water since it’s a canned drink.

Pla Tod

Mum had Pad Pak Satay, which has chicken with a variety of mixed veggies in a creamy peanut sauce.

Pad Pak Satay

My honey had Gaeng Kiew Wahn Salmon, salmon fillets cooked in a spicy creamy green curry served with fresh seasonal vegetables, and garnished with crispy basil leaves. His drink of choice was Beerlao.

Gaeng Kiew Wahn

Dad had Pad Kra Pao Moo Grob, sauteed fried pork belly with chilli, garlic, basil, onion and capsicum. Both Mum and Dad brought their own drink, Bancroft wine.

Kra Pao Moo Grob

Unlimited servings of rice came with the mains. Everything they served were so delicious, we all had a bite or two from each dish.We usually don’t order desserts since the mains are big enough to fill the stomach with joy, but this time my honey wanted one as he said he didn’t feel full with his salmon-and-rice dinner. So after perusing the drinks and desserts menu, he chose Khao Niew Sangkhaya, sweetened black sticky rice and coconut cream with steamed Thai custard and seeds on top, served with sliced banana and ice cream. The waiter laid out 4 spoons, as is always the case when only one in a group ordered dessert. It was very creamy and sweet, reminding me of the native desserts back home.

The ambience inside was nice and cozy, although a bit small they had to put more tables outside and cover them with a thick plastic canopy and installed two wall heaters for those cold nights. This is also the second time we all had to sit outside. Well, I’ve now learned a lesson here: book a table in advance, even just hours before.I would love to come back here again and again. Until then, bon appetit!

Mae Nam Khong (formerly Mekong Neua II)North East Thai & Laos Cuisine
4 Todd Place, New Lynn, Auckland 1062
Phone (09) 826 4002
Official Website
Official Facebook Page

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