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Mecca Mediterranean Cafe and Restaurant – Chancery, Auckland Central

It’s been a while since Ryan and I saw each other, and so on Sunday 24 August 2014 we decided to go out for lunch to catch up on each other’s lives. We chose Mecca on Chancery as we haven’t been there and haven’t tasted Mediterranean cuisine yet.

What you will notice first when coming into Chancery is the square-shaped outdoor bar with this ginormous steel skeleton of what looks like an umbrella or flower based on the shape of the big plastic-looking sheet above it. At least that’s how it looks like for me.

The first thing you see when entering Chancery

We were greeted by a lovely attendant when we approached a big stand with the restaurant’s menu on it. As it was a very lovely Saturday afternoon, we decided to sit on one of the tables outside the restaurant. We then talked for a few minutes prior to ordering anything, but were interrupted a few times, first by one attendant asking us if we’d like to have drinks then another one suggesting if we had something we’d like to order from the menu. At first I felt they may have rudely interrupted midway into the conversation, but then decided to not sweat it much as they were just doing their job. Also, it’s much better for attendants to cater to customers’ needs way before we know rather than being ignored.

What I noticed though is that considering it was lunch time, I expected the attendant would give us a lunch menu. And I have looked online prior what I would like to try. Instead, she gave us an all-day menu. Lunch time here in New Zealand is different from the rest of the world in that it usually starts at 1pm until 3pm, which was strange as I am used to eating lunch between 11am till 1pm. I could’ve asked for a lunch menu instead, but anyhow I decided to get Blueberry buttermilk pancakes with fresh banana, crème fraiche and maple syrup with Spirulina drink, while Ryan chose Fresh fruit salad with Greek yoghurt, apple syrup and toasted almonds with Peppermint tea.

Blueberry buttermilk pancakes for me
Fresh fruit salad for Ryan

When my plate arrived, I’m glad the pancakes were smaller but thick enough as they are served much bigger in other cafes. As I took my first bite, it was much fluffier than the usual pancake. His salad bowl has heaps more fruit than that at L’Assiette, I should say.

After a few more hours of chatting and soaking in the sun, it’s time to pose for posterity.

Overall, the place is really nice to have lunch or dinner with family and friends. Will definitely try a Meditteranean dish next time.

For more information,
Official Website of Mecca Cafe in Chancery
Official Facebook Page

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