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Sushi Train – Chancery, Auckland Central

Ryan and I initially saw this restaurant on the same day we went to Mecca Chancery for Sunday lunch. And there we saw for the first time a place for conveyor belt sushi. Out of curiosity, we went inside and asked for the menu list we can take home and have a look. By then we both promised that next time we hang out together, this would be the next place. Sushi is so common here in New Zealand, you can easily get for a minimum of NZ$1 per piece. It’s one of the cheapest food you can have for practically anytime of the day. I’m so glad it’s easily available to order when needed.

So on Friday 29 August 2014, we met up inside the restaurant, and before I sat down took a photo of all the plates traveling through the conveyor belt.

When I sat down and had a look at the menu again, I decided to order other types of sushi not usually offered or sold in most sushi places. Now the pics I’m showing here is not in the order of which I ate first because I hadn’t had anything else since the 10:30am brunch. I was so hungry I had emptied a few plates before deciding to take pics. Here are the five plates I’ve tried for NZ$3.50 each.

Spider Roll (Soft Shell Crab)
Spring Rolls
Dragon Roll
Grilled Scallop
Kakiage Nigiri (Vegetables)

Other pics:

Salmon Sashimi for Ryan, the brightest orange color I’ve ever seen
Unique Sushi Soy Sauce bottle and dish

After finishing our meals, we asked the attendant to freeze this happy memory for us.

For more info,
Sushi Train Chancery Menu
Sushi Train locations in New Zealand

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