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New Zealand Fashion Week 2014: Simply You Magazine Fashion Showcase

This is the very first time I have ever attended a fashion show. And I’m glad I got to see one at the New Zealand Fashion Week (NZFW) on Friday 29 August 2014 with my friend Ryan, specifically one of the designer selection shows presented by Simply You, a local magazine originally founded by fashion designer Paula Ryan, and Resene Paints. Ryan was able to secure premium seat tickets for us as soon as they went available online weeks ago.

Ticket for the NZFW 2014 Resene Designer Selection Show by Simply You magazine

After having a nice snack/early dinner at Sushi Train in Chancery, we walked all the way to the Viaduct Events Center for 30 minutes. It was cloudy and really windy at the same time, my tiny feet were cold underneath the heeled sandals. I was wearing a very nice black and white scarf or bandanna backless dress I bought in the Great Barrier Island a few years ago with thick thermal leggings, small black jacket, and pink scarf, while Ryan was wearing a great yellow World jacket with a fur vest underneath it, black pants and black shoes.

When we arrived at the venue, we prepped ourselves inside the toilets, especially to tame my hair from that nasty wind. Luckily I didn’t had my hair done at a salon, otherwise it would have been a disaster. We were about to go inside where the show will be when a security person advised to go to the bar as we are not allowed yet until an announcement was made. So off we went to the bar. We both observed that apart from very few people who wore lovely colorful outfits for the show, most were in their office outfits. Black. Although understandable as coming from work, they would have dressed up much better considering it’s a fashion show. I even saw two women wearing trainers or rubber shoes with their black office garb also waiting. Trainers!

When the announcement was made, everyone made their way to the room, some with wine glasses in tow.

As we went inside the curtain and found our seats (and the goodie bags which I’ll show later on), we took a few photos of ourselves and talked to our seatmates. What initially started as almost all of them coming from Christchurch, the small talk turned towards Ryan’s distinctive yellow coat. Literally a big pop of color among any other person in the room.

Me and Ryan before the show
The runway

Aside from the goodie bag, there’s also a long itinerary for all the featured outfits on the show. So I’m posting it here, in four parts.

For the fashion show proper, I decided to video the entire show in 2 stages as taking pictures using my small old 10MP Nikon coolpix camera wouldn’t do the fashion show justice.

 Part 1
Part 2

I didn’t expect many designers and brands to be featured in this one show. There were many cool outfits, my most favorites were the colorful clothes in the first video. I was really in big smiles the whole time I was watching. New Zealand fashion is definitely different from the rest of the international fashion scene. But I reckon it will go places. The New Zealand designers featured there were Kate Sylvester, Trelise Cooper, Zambesi, Trish Peng, Barkers, Stolen Girlfriends Club. There were also underwear brands such as Berlei and Jockey.

What I didn’t like though was that some models felt awkward walking down the runway. Did their shoes not fit? Were they uncomfortable wearing the clothes? I expected most models would be confident to walk the runway, but not in this case. Ryan was impressed with one of the two black models. She was really confident and her walk is comparable with that of famous international models. You will know who she is when you watch the videos.

The show lasted for about 45 minutes, not bad at all. After the show, we went back to the bar and talked to a few people before we went out.

When we saw the Mercedes Benz car displayed outside, we asked one of the security personnel to take a few photos, and this is the best one.

We were walking all the way from Viaduct Harbour to his place to warm up as it was windier that night, and my feet are much colder than ever. Oh well, the price to pay for fashion, even for just one night like Cinderella did.

Also, we had a look at our goodie bags.

Ryan’s goodie bag
My goodie bag
Contents of my goodie bag

Ryan’s one complaint though from the goodie bag was that a Woman’s Day magazine was given to each attendee instead of Simply You magazine, which is kind of strange since it was Simply You who organized the show. But the bright side for me is that I got to use one of the recipes from this Woman’s Day magazine to cook dinner for me and my honey.

Overall, I love the Resene Designer Selection Show. If you have missed out on watching NZFW this year, this is one of my recommended shows to watch if you’d like to watch only one. Who knows, I might watch an exclusive fashion designer show next year.

For more info,
Official Website of New Zealand Fashion Week
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