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Rebo Cafe and Restaurant – Sky Tower, Auckland

My honey and I went to Sky Tower for him to redeem Premier Rewards points as his birthday gift. We had drinks at the Aces Bar inside the Casino floor and then had dinner inside the building.

The Sky Tower is the highest building in Auckland and is considered a landmark, although not officially. Here in its Observation Deck, you can see 360 degree views of the city. You can also do the Sky Walk or Sky Jump here, just like Beyonce during her visit here in New Zealand for a few nights of concerts.

In our case, we went to Rebo Restaurant, located at the Ground Level of Sky Tower. I had always wanted to come here for a long time. Don’t know why, but ever since I saw this restaurant, and every time I pass by, I always say to myself, “I would love to have dinner there sometime soon.” Good thing my honey asked me where I wanted to go this time as previously we had gone to Sammy’s Place, The Deli, and Fortuna. I actually had a look at Rebo’s menu online about a few days before, and I thought they had delicious food.

When we sat down at Table #42, there were two male attendants approaching us, one guy holding the menu cards. The way he warmly welcomed us made me feel really at home. The other one was simply watching, paying attention to his colleague. We found out later on that the other guy was a trainee observing his colleague how to do the work. The guy who talked to us then gave us a big menu card and left us to decide for a few moments.

Rebo’s All-Day Menu (front part). Forgot to take pic of the other side but you can see it on the link provided below this post.
Mock Champagne for my drink

I initially wanted the Cranberry Sparkler Mocktail for my drink, but my honey reckoned he wasn’t sure about the combination of mint, lime, cranberry juice and ginger ale. So he suggested the Mock Champagne, which had, according to the menu, “pineapple and apple juice with a dash of raspberry.” That seemed like a safe option. But there’s a surprise in this drink, a piece of Maraschino cherry, which I love even when it’s soaked in sweet red liquid and not a pure fruit anymore.

Speight’s Distinction Ale for my honey

My honey reckoned his drink is a bit different from what he used to, because it was a darker color, and that there were not as many bubbles as your normal beer. But he thought it was good.

Tandoori Chicken Pizza (right) with Steamed Broccoli and Almond Butter as side dish (left)

The Wood-Fired Tandoori Chicken Pizza was really, really tasty, very flavorful, and just enough spices used that I can eat it. Initially, I was afraid that this size of pizza (looks like a medium) for both of us may not be enough, but it actually was, I couldn’t believe it. I’m impressed that heaps of chicken pieces were there.

Steamed Broccoli with Almond Butter, what can I say? Just lovely taste! Perfect combination with the pizza. Just enough crunch, which made me want to buy this type of broccoli for home cooking.

Warm sticky date pudding with pieces of crunchy meringue, vanilla ice cream on top, and warm toffee sauce surrounding it

My honey initially chose the Passionfruit Cheesecake with Wild Berry Compote and Mango Sorbet, but I was more keen on the Warm Sticky Date Pudding. You know what? It’s an excellent dessert to end the meal. I loved that the meringue was broken into smaller pieces, that the warm toffee sauce was surrounding the pudding instead of simply had it poured over the top. Best part was the pudding itself was warm too. I loved it. Could have placed more toffee sauce though, but overall it was near perfect. I even told the same male attendant who served us that it was the best dessert we’ve ever had. His reply: “I admit I haven’t tried that yet, but the chef will definitely be happy about that.”

Our table #42
Lovely table at the far end of the restaurant
Pics of houses and sheds around NZ.
Another collection of pics showing the houses in NZ

These pictures made me really feel like I’m a guest in someone else’s house, and that I am really welcome to stay here for as long as possible. I love this restaurant so much, everything was really great. The wait staff were really attentive, checking up on us if everything is okay. I would like to come back here with friends and family, so they can have a great experience here too.

For more info,

Rebo in Sky Tower Auckland

Rebo Official Facebook

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