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“Eat Pray Love” Movie Soundtrack

I have read the book “Eat Pray Love” and seen the movie version about a few years ago but never bothered to listen to the movie soundtrack, until a few days ago. I knew I would enjoy listening to all the songs, but didn’t expect it to be soul-stirring.

Album’s Front Cover

If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, it’s about a woman named Elizabeth Gilbert who despite having a nice home, a nice husband, and a good career, she wasn’t happy because she only realized later she didn’t want to have kids. And so she went on a journey of long divorce proceedings and a one-year journey in three countries, staying for four months in each. Italy to experience pleasure in living life, including food. India for austerity, prayer, spirituality. Indonesia to find balance between the two extremes. Didn’t expect in the end to fall in love with a Brazilian man, but she did.

When I read the book, it was revolutionary in itself because I never thought that women have a choice now to live the kind of life that resonates with them. A life beyond just having kids. And that’s what Elizabeth did.

Back label of CD

As you can see, there are 14 tracks. The first 13 of them all with lyrics while the last one is instrumental music. Some songs are in different languages too, so this really makes it interesting. I have always loved listening to different types of music. If you are into spirituality, looking into yourself, searching for meaning of life, or whichever way you look into it, and so whether you have read the book or not, the soundtrack is really worth listening to.

For more info,
Official Website of Elizabeth Gilbert
Amazon Store

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