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Have You Tasted The Best-Ever Mangoes Yet?

In my humble opinion, yes there is a best-tasting mango. None other than Champagne mango or Carabao mango from the Philippines. This type is grown in Zambales, Cebu, and Guimaras areas, according to a few online articles I’ve read where I credited them at the end of this post.

After a few years of eating Philippine dried mangoes as a way to satisfy my cravings for the real ones, finally a Filipino store is selling them in packs of 4 pieces each. When I saw a picture on Facebook that Markang Pinoy Store in Glen Eden, Auckland sells these, I was so happy, bought a pack within the next few days as I knew it will sell out soon. Also bought a few snacks I miss eating from home.

Snack items, including the mangoes, from my hometown

Now about the price, it’s NZ$20 per pack of four. It may seem a bit expensive, but according to co-owner Leng, she got them from a Chinese supplier who saw the need for mangoes. And so he had to airfreight the mangoes while they were green in color, have them quarantined, then arrived at the shops already ripe. At first I thought it should’ve been a Filipino supplying it. But anyhow, if anyone is interested in supplying Philippine mangoes in all New Zealand supermarkets, that would be good so that it would be a little bit more reasonable, and that Kiwis get a chance to try the Filipino mangoes.

The following paragraph, which was originally from this article, describes very well how to slice a mango. I’ll repost it here:

“Filipinos slice up a ripe Manila mango lengthwise, producing three flat slices, the middle slice containing the large seed. With the outer slices, you either scoop out the flesh with a spoon or make cubes using the ‘hedgehog’ method — make a crisscross grid with a knife, turn the flesh out with your hands and then scrape off the chunks.”

The day after I bought it, my partner sliced and we shared one mango, and I had another one when he went to sleep. Can’t help it, had to have another one. As you can see, the mango has gotten so ripe, it had to be consumed immediately.

On the second day, we made mango shake with sugar syrup, ice cubes, and mango flesh, using a blender to mix everything. Some restaurants in the Philippines use this recipe, while others use condensed milk.

So if you want to try our mangoes for a change, why don’t you give Mac and Leng a call, so you will know when the next shipment will be. I bet it will be sold out as well, because I’m buying again.

Markang Pinoy Filipino Store

141 West Coast Road, Glen Eden, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +6498139712
Mobile: 0221935054
Sources for info on Philippine Mangoes:
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