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SkinFood NZ Lip Balm

I have been looking for a great lip balm for a long time that would not only moisten and condition my lips but also peel less. I’ve used Nivea Hydro Care, Nivea Essential CareLucas Pawpaw Ointment, and Yes To Carrots Pomegranate Lip Butter previously. But I get disappointed every time I use them because my lips peel so often, I get embarrassed when I have to do it in public. Only recently when I searched on their respective websites that the possible reason they didn’t really work for me is because except for Yes To Carrots which use Carnauba wax made from palm leaves, most lip balms have petroleum-based ingredient — Microcrystalline wax for both Nivea products according to Nivea Canada website and pharmaceutical-grade petroleum jelly and wax for Lucas Papaw — that I believe is responsible for peeling of my lips. In other words, when a lip balm leaves a waxy feeling on my lips, I’m sure it will peel heaps of times.

I have also tried Natural Abundance Coconut Lip Balm, but even this one doesn’t work for me. First, it’s in a small pottle and I had to use my finger to scoop a little balm to put on my lips. Maybe nothing wrong with it, but since I’m using phones and computers shared with work colleagues, for hygiene reasons I prefer lip balms in sticks or tubes. During winter, lumps appear every time I scoop a little balm and so trying to melt the lumps is quite a while.

And so when I saw SkinFood lip balm sold in a supermarket at a reduced price, I thought I had to try this. I’m very happy with the results. My lips peel less than before, my lips are always moist without the waxy feeling, and I love the scent and flavor. Best of all, it blends really well with a matte lipstick.

SkinFood NZ Lip Balm. With permission from the company to use this photo for this blog post.

To be honest, this company has the same name as SkinFood South Korea. I first came across this brand name in the Philippines as they have stores there. The question now here is the copyright or intellectual property issue that can come out of two companies having the same name.

For more info,

SkinFood NZ Official Website

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