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Swig French Style Cafe – Queen Street, Auckland

I have anticipated the opening of this French cafe ever since the construction people moved in next to Avachi Chicken and Kebab Place in Queen Street, Auckland few months ago. At first glance, the word “Swig” doesn’t sound or feels like French because the meaning of the word itself in English is drinking lots and quickly. Anyway, when I passed by it again on 23 September 2014, it was their very first day and so decided to try a few of their macaroons after work. They were really soft, as is expected when eating one.

First macaroon I tried
Second macaroon

And then I decided to take pics of the cafe with the owners’ permission.


I did an impromptu interview with the owners. They said they did have plans of putting in more furniture just outside the cafe so some customers can stay for a bit longer and enjoy the coffee and pastries. As I looked around the cafe, indeed few French inspired pieces were placed to make it feel like you’re inside a usual French bakery.

On 9 October, I decided to buy dessert from this same cafe for snack, which was Choco Caramel Slice. This was really yummy and moist.

Swig Cafe Choco Caramel Slice

Few days ago, another dessert I tried was Chocolate Brownie. This one, however, was sickly sweet for me. It was also very crumbly and so not moist at all. As you can see, it broke in two as soon as I removed it from the brown bag.

Swig Cafe Choco Brownie

But they did gave me a voucher when I will only pay one price for two orders of coffee. Although not a coffee drinker, I’m willing to give this to someone who does drink coffee every day.

Swig Cafe Auckland NZ Coffee Voucher

Overall though, the cafe is a good place to buy goodies for yourself, friends, and family. Also the cafe staff and owners are really friendly.

For more info,

Swig French Style Cafe

239B Queen Street, Auckland

Phone +64(0)93032353

Swig French Style Cafe Facebook Page

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