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Misters Real Food Cafe – Wyndham Street, Auckland

Yatchi Yan of Zomato NZ and I met at Misters Cafe in Wyndham Street, Auckland to have lunch. Big clear ceiling-to-floor windows with the cafe’s logo on top of it makes for a grand welcome and also lets passersby in on a big secret, so to speak.

The lovely exterior facade of Misters Cafe

The lovely exterior facade of Misters Cafe

Inside, I love how the owners retained the exposed brick walls specially on the right side as it lends to the authentic heritage feel, yet still looks modern. Tables varying from a two seater to a massive family size one occupies the second half of floor space while the first half serves as hallway. Interestingly enough, there’s a mirror on the left corner, which to be honest they could have done better with other wall art or something like that.

Misters Cafe Interiors

On the far left side of the counter is the wall menu, which has breakfast, lunch, smaller size options for your food needs while a variety of coffees, teas from Harney & Sons, and smoothies for your drink.

Misters Cafe Menu

Selection of gourmet teas from Harney & Sons

Misters Cafe Harney and Sons teas

After letting out choices known to the counter staff, we sat near the entrance to avoid the loud noise from the coffee machine.

I noticed this feature wall of green plants on the far corner of the cafe. It definitely brings a refreshing vibe to the atmosphere. It’s like you don’t have to wear proper clothes. You can just be yourself, and that’s fine.

Misters Cafe Auckland Feature Wall

Another great feature of the cafe are the carvings on the ceiling, apparently used when chandeliers were installed by previous owners.

Misters Cafe Auckland Ceiling

Here are the pics of the items we chose for our lunch. Mine was Tabbouli, or can also be spelled Tabbouleh, with cauliflower, almonds, rocket, roasted tomato sauce, cashew tzatziki, and zucchini fritters. Drink was Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea, which was very fragrant and easy to drink.

Misters Cafe Auckland Tabbouli or Tabbouleh

Yatchi had Rice Don, which was toasted sesame brown rice nori balls, with cucumber ribbons, baby radish, shoots, ponzu dressing, and crispy silken tofu. Drink was Berry Smoothie.

Misters Cafe Auckland Rice Don Meal

Food was yummy, filling without the heaviness associated with meat, and fresh. I can taste the freshness of the ingredients. Even when the price was usually out of my range when having lunch, this is wirth every penny.

If you are looking for another place to hang out with friends and family in the city, then come to Misters Real Food Cafe.

Location: 12 Wyndham Street, Auckland, New Zealand.

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Misters Cafe Auckland Opening Hours

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