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Easy Date Puree Recipe

This date puree or date paste recipe I initially found from a Revive Cafe cookbook about a year ago when I made a lovely Homemade Muesli or Granola. I decided to post the recipe here as I realized this can be a great alternative for the other liquid sweets available for cooking or baking.


2 cups dried pitted dates

2 cups boiling water


Put the dried pitted dates and pour boiling water into a bowl and let them soak for 10 minutes. Make sure the bowl is deep enough for when transferring to the blender.


After 10 minutes, transfer to a blender, putting the dates first then pour the water, then blitz until smooth. Start with the lowest setting first, then increase as you go.



Using a spoon, place the mixture inside a jar or two (depending on the size). Scrape it from the blender as much as you can, feel free to use a teaspoon when scraping the last bits, then seal the jar and cool completely before putting it in the fridge.

NOTE: Although the author of the Revive Cafe cookbooks recommended for this puree to be used within 2 weeks, I found mine to still be good even after that time. However, this happened because my fridge is at the coldest temperature; otherwise green mold appears and it’s actually not good to use it. Maximum would be about a month.

You can also make one and a half or twice the recipe, increase the dates and water as needed if you’d like to make the puree a little bit thicker.

UPDATE: They have released a new cookbook aptly titled Revive Cafe Cookbook 4. Go to the website for more details on how to order their cookbooks, whether you live in Auckland or overseas.

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